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brilliant writers and the people who love them

Icons of Writer's & Quotes
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This is an icon community for anyone who dreams of icons of writers, book quotes and other related icons.


+ Please put all icons behind an LJ Cut. Three teasers are allowed outside the cut.

+Be sure to post your own rules for taking your icons (how and if you would like to be credited).

+All community promotions must be okayed with me first. You can email me at lulutripp@gmail.com

+ Any community promotion posted without my permission will be deleted and the LJer who posted it will be banned.

+Requests for icons here are only allowed in comments, not posts. For instance, if you like someone's work and would like to request that they make you an icon, feel free. That is between you and the icon-creator. However, posting requests for icons will get you warned the first time and banned the next.